Women in Innovation Summit – Women of the Next Fifty

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Women in Innovation Summit – Women of the Next Fifty
September 22, 2012
December 4, 2011
Intiman Playhouse
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Seattle, WA, United States



We welcome women leaders of the Next Fifty Years!

On September 22nd, 2012, Women of Fifty and the Seattle Center are organizing the day of the “Women in Innovation Summit – Women of the Next Fifty”. This conference is hosted at the Intiman Playhouse of the Seattle Center.

The Women in Innovation Summit 2012 – Women of the Next 50 is a one day event that will highlight women’s life enhancing contributions to the innovation economy in the areas of leadership (business/public service/non profit), science and technology, and social change. The objective is to illustrate how women are active participants in innovating for a more sustainable future for the next fifty years.

The Summit is a signature event organized by the Women of Fifty Project and the Seattle Center Foundation to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebration of the Seattle World’s Fair during the month of “Innovation Economy and Commerce”. It will be showcasing the leadership role of women in advancing innovative solutions for a changing world.

Vision for the Women of the Next Fifty

Women participate actively in the creation of the innovation economy with their life-enhancing ideas, inventions and innovations that contribute to a sustainable way of life.


An extraordinary leadership revolution in innovation is underway.  Women, rarely heard and seen in the past when discussing commerce and innovation matters, have emerged as powerful players on the world stage. The summit will explore how and where women are currently active as innovators.  The conversation will increase our understanding and awareness of women’s role in the innovation economy. The summit is designed to inspire and propel us to action: to commit to sustainability and wellbeing in the areas of environment, economy and organizations.


This summit challenges women to think big, audacious and beyond conventional solutions. We highlight what women’s creativity and innovativeness can do to change the world. We challenge the conference members to ask: wouldn’t be awesome if…?

Women in Innovation Summit will be an intense, thought-rocking event challenging women to think audaciously and beyond conventional solutions.  As the influential women leaders will hear from high school students what their expectations for the future are, they will be also be challenged to commit to working together with the younger women towards a better future for us all.  This summit will appeal to thoughtful women of influence who act as catalysts for change in their prospective industries and organizations worldwide. The event will bring together a diverse group of women to converse, connect and commit to contributions that benefit us all locally and globally.

 Key questions

At this summit, we do not claim to have all the right answers. Instead, we are advocating curiosity and inquisitive and open mind. We will explore the possibilities and give an opportunity for new ideas to blossom. Some of inquiries include these:  What does it take for women to be fully engaged and recognized as innovators? What – if anything – is stopping/blocking/holding back women from being innovative and part of the innovation economy? What are the disruptions to the current beliefs and practices that women are initiating? What are the life enhancing areas of innovation women believe need to be secured for the sake of the quality of life for our children? What if we knew what women around the world are innovating? hat if they collaborated and scaled their innovations to serve the world? What action are women committed to in order to be personally involved in the innovation economy? What would be possible if the ideas and innovations of women who are making a difference were adopted more widely? What if we had fifty ideas for innovative ways to build a more sustainable economy? What if we knew more about 50 innovative women around the world whose work is impacting our lives at micro or macro economic levels?


The Women in Innovation Summit – Women of the Next 50 will consist of a series of thought provoking dialogues of woman leaders and young women who exemplify innovative approaches. Through a facilitated small group process women across generations and industries will contribute to the learning from each other, and bringing about new ways to collaborate. Through “conversation, connection and commitment” the summit will unleash the collective intelligence of women gathered for the benefit of our next fifty years.


A commitment to working and leading wiser for the next fifty. A more sustainable economy and happier workplaces.

How can you get involved?

There are many opportunities to participate in the process of building WINS in the areas of marketing, social media, “meet up” organizing, sponsorship and fundraising, product development, community involvement, programming etc. Please, let us know what interests you and your organization and how you’d like to participate and contribute.

Chair and contact

Kristiina Hiukka, Founder of the Women of Fifty Project, 425.462.6613

Kristiina Hiukka works as a leadership coach and Positivity Strategist for executives and their teams. An author of two books, an Honorary Vice Consul for Finland, and a mother of a teenage boy, Kristiina has a multifaceted and international life. Originally from Finland, she has made Seattle her home since 1994. Her interest in midlife transitions were sparked by her own 50th birthday year when she founded the Women of Fifty project to explore the wisdom of women in their fifties. She is chairing the Women in Innovation Summit as part of the Seattle Center’s Next 50 celebrations.