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Documenting Wisdom of Women Worldwide

Women of Fifty multimedia project provides a new platform for women in midlife to engage in conversations with each other across generational, national, religious, and other boundaries. It is a discussion and debate platform and taps into the wisdom of life well lived, lessons learned and legacy and mentorship. The project is designed not only women at fifty but also the younger generations of women – the women of the next fifty.  We believe that this conversation benefits men and women alike.

Our purpose is to empower and engage women to embracing their wisdom years for the benefit of the humanity. We believe that through sharing our stories we are building an international community of maturing women that has a positive impact in the world.  With a half a century of life experience these wise women have a voice that is worth documenting and listening to.

We are interviewing and documenting stories of women born in around 1960, around the world.  These stories are about living, vibrant, and empowered women; some famous and prominent, some more like your next door neighbor and old friend from school.

Calling all Wise and Fun Women of Fifty! Were you born in 1955-1960-1965? Let us know how you are celebrating your 50th birthday, what transitions are you going through, what is your legacy and what are your challenges at 50 and we will contact you for our project.

Send us information about you or a person you’d like to nominate:

  1. Full name
  2. Title/Profession
  3. Phone number
  4. Email
  5. Website
  6. Where were you born (city, country)
  7. Where do you live now
  8. How you are celebrating
  9. Synopsis of your life story
  10. Why we should consider including you in our book or film project

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Seattle, WA, USA

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