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Women in Innovation Summit – Women of The Next 50

 Women’s wisdom fueling the future – From ideas to innovations in leadership, social change and technology

Objective of the Conference

Our objective is to showcase women’s creativity and innovativeness in the areas of Leadership, Technology, and Social Change in order to develop practical solutions for economic recovery and a better future for all.

Women in Innovation Summit challenges women to think big, bold and audacious and beyond conventional solutions. Women across generations participate in the reinvention of our economic future in the areas of technology, leadership and social change. Women of the Next Fifty is an on-going multimedia project in which women are encouraged to actively participate in innovation in a variety of areas and be connected to the appropriate resources and support so that these innovations can be developed and applied for the benefit of the humanity.

Key questions

Where are women innovating? Who are women innovators? What do women innovate? How do women innovate? Why would women innovate? What do women’s innovations do? Where do women get stuck on their path from an idea to invention to innovation?  Why? What needs to happen for women to participate actively more in the process of innovation? What are the benefits for women to be recognized as innovators? What are the key challenges we must focus on for the sake of the next 50?


The Women in Innovation Summit is a  facilitated forum with a series of short, thought-provoking talks by women thought leaders in the areas of  leadership, technology and social change. Through facilitated problem solving processes women across generations learn from each other and collaboratively bring their ideas to light. We focus on the emerging influence and intelligence of women for the benefit of our future. This event is an opportunity to bring together women of different generations, color and ethnic backgrounds to converse, connect and commit to contributions that benefit us all locally and globally.

Ideal Outcome

Commitment to working and leading wiser. A women-led movement to more sustainable economy and happier workplaces. Change making by collective creation and connection.


At the Seattle Center: Intiman Playhouse, Seattle



Saturday September 22nd, 2012, 8am-10pm

Chair and Contact

Kristiina Hiukka, Founder of the Women of Fifty Project, 425.462.6613

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